Trailer Indoors or Outdoors 

The trailer can be used indoors or outdoors. Travel height on the trailer is approximately 12' 6". Without deploying any of the second floor, the trailer is fully usable for the three lower windows, the lower manhole, and forcible entry. To deploy the upper window, a height of approximately 18' 8" is required.

The trailer is available as a rental for your department’s next company drill, weekend drill, or weekly drill. It is delivered and set up, with or without consumables. Custom schedules are available to make sure your whole department or every shift gets a chance to use it! We provide the quality props, you provide your instructors!

Base Rental Includes 

  • Set up, instruction on use, joists for the roof simulator installed, wood resistance for the door, and all tools needed to replace consumables. 
  • Belay Device for 2nd floor window (use required) 
  • Free delivery within 15 miles of Monroe, CT 
  • What is not included?
    Instruction, Trailer Assistant, Roofing materials, or doors - All of these items are available through us, or we can provide you with exact specs! 


$500/night - including delivery within 15 miles of Monroe, CT
$700/weekend day
$3000 Monday - Friday including nights
$4000 - Seven days including nights 


The consumables for the trailer that are not included in the base price are doors and roofing materials. We can provide any of these materials installed and ready to go, or provide you with the specific specs so you can provide and install them yourself. 


$50/each - includes resistance - approximately 30 “hard forces” per door (average department with 10-15 guys goes through 2 doors in a 4 hour drill period) 


Sheets of OSB: $25/sheet 


Metal Cutting Props: $400/day - includes consumables
Bilco Door
All consumables included
Q Decking may be extra cost.
Standalone Forcible Entry Door



If you have your own instructors, but want to keep the night flowing, then let us provide a trailer tender or two for you! The trailer tender is trained on the operations of the trailer in order to get you the most bang for your buck with the consumables. He will adjust the wood resistance for the doors, flip doors, swap doors, and reload the resistance to keep you moving with as few interruptions as possible and getting the maximum use out of the doors. On the roof, he will replace the sheets of plywood, or rebuild the roof depending on your needs. Let your instructors teach and let us do the grunt work!



Give us a date, we’ll take care of the rest! We can take care of all your forcible entry, ventilation, and other truck company skills that you need to train on. We will provide you with our trailer, consumables, and top quality instructors to give you a quality training day, night, or weekend! 


We know we are not the only game in town. And there are plenty of excellent instructors out there. So rent the trailer, with or without consumables, and hire your own instructors to teach! No other quality props out there allow you this flexibility for your department.