"The Naugatuck Fire Department has utilized Flash Fire Industries numerous times in recent years.  The trailer has proven to be an excellent tool for training in forcible entry, vertical ventilation, 'vent - enter - isolate - search' and fire ground safety & survival skills.  The utility of the trailer is further enhanced by the quality instructors that Flash Fire Industries has partnered with to provide training if requested.  The instructors' knowledge of not only the skills being refreshed, but also of the trailer props themselves, keep the training moving at a quick pace which provides each student ample time to hone their skills.  We look forward to continuing our training relationship with Flash Fire industries into the future."

John F. DeBisschop III, Second Assistant Chief, Naugatuck (CT) Fire Department

"The Flash Fire Trailer and CT Custom Fire Training Instructors were nothing short of fantastic.  The one-two punch of very realistic and versatile forcible entry props, combined with top quality instruction, made for some of the most valuable training we have ever had.  Without exception, every Firefighter and Officer that participated in the training said they loved it."

Chief Jay Kolakoski, Bristol Fire Department 

"Flash Fire Industries mobile training trailer has opened a new door to quality training for my firefighters. Topics that once had my department traveling out of town to fire schools I can now teach in the back parking lot or on a rainy night right inside my firehouse. The different options on the trailer alone not to mention the portable props keeps all my members engaged throughout the drill with little to no down time. The hassle free approach to renting the trailer combined with outside instruction is a training opportunity that can't be matched."

Capt Greg San Fan Andre, Long Hill Fire Department

"The forcible entry simulator on the Flash Fire trailer is one of the most realistic props I have used. It combines the realism of a flexible, crushable door with a strong locking mechanism. Definitely a good teaching tool for any department".

A/C Jason Rivera - Newtown Hook & Ladder

"I was only able to attend the first hour of the training but my Firefighters raved about the program, trailer and the instructors.  We will be having you back in the very near future. Excellent job".

Chief Bill Halstead - Sandy Hook Fire Department

"I have had the opportunity to utilize the Flash Fire training trailer on several occasions and I am continually impressed with the versatility it provides for instructors and students alike. As an instructor I strive to provide my students with realistic training opportunities to enhance the learning process. The props on the trailer are just that, "realistic". We recently conducted forcible entry training using the trailer, and the students were able to hone their skills working on real doors which provided them with an accurate sense of the skills required to be proficient. I have provided fire service instruction throughout the country and have yet to see a training simulator as comprehensive as the Flash Fire Training Trailer. I highly recommend this training".

Paul J. DeBartolomeo / F.D.N.Y. / CT Custom Fire Training

"My comments center on the “one-stop shopping” aspect of your service.  Not only did you provide the trailer itself which is a great portable trainer, but you provided two excellent instructors as well.  As the person coordinating the training, I appreciated that you were able to provide both.  Our members appreciated both as well.  While I understand we could use our own instructors on the trailer, I got good feedback from our department members when we get quality outside instructors to do quality training and that’s what you enabled on that Sunday".

Tom Ryer / Sandy Hook Fire Department

"On September 15th the members of Westport Fire departments platoon 4 had the chance to train with Flash Fire industries mobile training trailer. Out of the many options available we chose to train on peaked roof vertical vent and forcible entry. The ability to change the pitch of the roof prop was a very nice feature. For forcible entry the prop uses real doors that can be forced inward and outward and has the ability to add a wall to simulate tight space or hallway forces. Using real doors allows the firefighters the ability  to crush or gap a door. This is a major difference from many commercial door props that are designed for repetitive forces where technique can be practiced, but do not allow the door to crush".

Westport Fire Department / Westport Connecticut

"Flash fire industries provided a realistic truck company class brought right to our backyard. It gave our guys an opportunity to force real doors and learn the best tactical way to gain entry, whether it be through the lock or forcing your way in. We highly recommend bringing them in to your department. It was so good we plan on bringing them back again".

Capt. Scott Poulton / Terryville Fire Department

"The trailer and subsequent training was top notch and even though it was hot I received no complaints at all! The trailer was a perfect addition to supplement our training. The instructors and support received were among the best I have ever seen. The trainers went above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to working with you again for bailout training. Thanks again and stay safe".

Capt. Jermaine Atkinson / Stratford Fire Department