"We Bring The Training To You"

Flash Fire Industries was started to address one of the fire department's toughest challenges: training. As the requirements have gotten tougher and more extensive, the availability of acquired structures have decreased and the rules regarding them have gotten stricter. Thus Flash Fire was born as the only mobile firefighter training trailer that is available as a rental. Fire departments can now train on Forcible Entry, Roof Ventilation, any window evolutions, confined space, and many other evolutions without ever leaving their firehouse.

The trailer was designed around three major components. Forcible Entry, Window Evolutions, and Roof Ventilation. In addition, we have the ability to do confined space operations, metal cutting saw operations, and future expansion plans for a standpipe and SCBA skills stations. See “Trailer Features”  for a full description of all the features.

So why did we decide to add a burn trailer?

It’s true. For years I said “I don’t want a burn trailer”. I figured it would be boring and not teach much. With so many myths floating around in the industry about what the “modern fire” is all about, and having some trustworthy guys that wanted to help run it, I felt as though it was an important addition to our fleet. The 40’ container is more than just flashover, though it does that pretty darn good. It is an avenue to truly teach fire behavior, experience rollover, show flashover, and, one of my true passions, train on thermal imaging cameras. We also are working on expanding it for much more training and look forward to what’s coming next!